The Lumin-Essence Workbook: 21-Day Journey

The Lumin-Essence Workbook: 21-Day Journey

This workbook is for you, if –

  • You feel unclear about your essence, purpose or mission
  • You are experiencing a burnout
  • You feel a deep desire to give something to the whole
  • You are awakening
  • You know you are here for something but can’t put your finger on it
  • You want to learn about the language of your soul, intuition,
    guidance or flow
  • You are very creative
  • You are intuitive or already work as an intuitive and want to add
    a dimension to your guidance
  • You want to become clear about your mission on earth and
    ready to take the first step to clarity
  • You love journaling and being creative
  • You want a True North compass in your life

Unleash your soul power in 21 days!

It takes 21 days to change your mind and it is through freeing your mind that you can find your true Soul Essence. Your really must go deep!
In this 21-day journey, every day you find one piece that leads you to a clearer picture of what your Essence is.Through this process you will start learning the language of your soul.

With simple and fun 10-minutes-per-day activities to align with your Soul’s path, become aware of synchronicities, and reveal your purpose.

You will take a journey to create your Essence Collage: a visual, artistic representation of your Essence designed by you that becomes a true north
“mirror” or vision board that you can hang up to reflect YOU back to yourself every day.

Seeing the beauty of your unique energy as an essence collage, changes you. You experience an increase of self love.
You can use the collage to guide you in making decisions and aligning with your path and with all your future projects.

When I created this workbook it made me think of mermaids who often have a mirror and I realized this mirror symbolized a way for her to see the essence of her soul. I love how archetypes can reveal so much about Truth (I love mermaids).

When I created my first essence collage, so much change started happening.

It was like everything that needed to align with it started surfacing.

It has become the heart and centre of my work

Being in the energy of your Essence empowers you to come home to yourself, your wild self.

The book of Lumin-essence is a fun but deep alignment journey!
Included are many of my best and most loved exercises I have practised and taught over the years.

“The wild woman is fluent in the language of dreams, images, passion en poetry.”/ Clarissa Pinkola Estes