Sacral Chakra – Healthy Boundaries 3 Sessions

Sacral Chakra – Healthy Boundaries 3 Sessions

Your strongest gift to yourself is to know your YES and NO. When you aren’t clear on your internal yes/no and are stuck in people-pleasing tendencies while putting yourself last, you might find that your energy leaks and you spend the little energy that you have trying to come back to yourself without success. Your purpose might feel elusive and your creativity
nowhere in sight. I get it. My boundaries were shattered at a young age. I would say no to things (like kissing my grandmother when I didn’t want to), but I was made to do them anyway.

So I had no sense of boundaries, was very sensitive and picked up pains of others.
I spent much of my life trying to come back to myself. It wasn’t until I really learned my YES and NO that | was able to restore healthy boundaries ,re-awaken my creativity to create from my dreams and ideas, from inside, not from a fear of lack and ashame response.

That changed everything for me! (I could write a book about it….)

Sacral chakra is related to our sexuality, sensuality,pleasure,intimacy, feelings and emotional response, creativity, passion and healthy boundaries.

This is where trauma often creates havoc.You might recognize that by carrying shame or toxic shame, or unable to take decisions.

In this 3-session sacred space, we will work together to restore your boundaries, give you tools to clearly know your yes/no, and guide you to live your purpose so that you can contribute your gifts to the planet.

Your three (3) sessions will be customized to your needs. We may draw, pull cards, do The Work of Byron Katie,create a boundary chart, find your power animal or whatever you need to live a life you love.

This is maybe the most important step to live a healthy and happy life

Boundaries are needed for embodiment/ to be authentic, to be in flow.

“The most compassionate people have the strongest boundaries”
Brene Brown