Find your lumin-essence package – 2 sessions + workbook

Find your lumin-essence package – 2 sessions + workbook

This package is great for you if –

  • You are looking for purpose and mission
  • You feel called to support or share your gifts at this time of the
    awakening on earth
  • You are a creative and intuitive being and desire to deepen or
    refine your work
  • You want to learn about the language of your soul
    You want to be in tune with your guidance
  • You are a light anchor, channel, reader, seer, multi sensory,healer,
    artist, earth lover, witch and/or visionary
  • You have a burnout, feel tired or are at a crossroad in your life

This is a journey to share your light, a journey to explore what gives you joy!

To discover your purpose and mission, you must first uncover your Essence. Your Essence is the core of who you are, and when you can SEE your Essence, it becomes a mirror reflecting the true you back to you where it resonates and creates an energy of your true self for you to expand into.

I used to spend months at a time in Thailand where I worked doing live readings, but when Covid came along and everything closed, I couldn’t go to Thailand and offer
readings any more. So, I started thinking about how to make a workbook for people to do readings for themselves and get more out of it than a reading.

That’s when I crystalized what my deeper work was really about and that is helping you find your path and purpose and empowering you to live it!

With this package we begin with a reading to help you get clarity on your path and become joyfully empowered to discover your purpose and mission.

Then you will begin your 21-day journey using my Lumin-Essence Workbook where you will be guided through the work to create your Essence Collage: a creative collage to show you your Soul Essence.

(more info about the work book, you can find here…….)

Through your reading and Essence collage, you will uncover ideas and insights about your purpose and mission, and in our final session, we will discuss those ideas and
insights and brainstorm to create your Mission plan to take your next steps toward your mission. (One of my ‘super powers’ is creativity, I love sparking ideas for your mission)