Alignment Reading

Alignment Reading

What holds you back from being your authentic self? Why are you stuck? Why are you not doing what you’re supposed to be doing?
This reading is an entry point to unlock those stuck points and find the clarity you are looking for to live your life of purpose and power, shinning your light.

It can offer Insight into causes behind the blocks you perceive to have and a deeper understanding of the meaning of major events in your life. (seeing the BIGGER picture)

An alignment reading is about self-expression, taking up space, owning your true power, and being visible so that you can create
from your dreams and desires, but being visible and letting people see your Essence can be scary and vulnerable.

In this reading, we will work together on the elements of alignment so that you can create the inner safety to be seen in
your Essence and own who you are.

We look at unconscious patterns that may be running you and shadows that can be released,and bring clarity to your questions.

The world is waiting for you.

It is my passion to guide to you connect with your treasure you came to share on earth.

| will guide you to connect to your gifts, share information about your guides and empower you with a plan to move forwards.

| offer clarity and activation from a place of presence.

Many people leave a reading with a sense of deep peace, clarity a new found perception or joy.

Readings are conducted in English or Dutch.

A reading is 60 minutes and takes place on Zoom.