Malika Boulogne

Seer and treasure guide | Multisensory intuitive | Soul alignment Catalyst | Inner Journey Expert | Artist | Teacher | Healer

With over three decades of experience and having facilitated thousands of readings, Malika has narrowed her work to align with her desire of sharing her treasure (clarity) with those who feel called to share their treasure (gift) with and for the new earth.

Her intuitive nature allows her to see if you are aligned with your path and where you are ‘stuck’. She guides you with presence, compassion and insight to make an empowering plan to become free of those blocks and live a more authentic life, this is her joy.

Alignment with the 'wild self'

A near death experience brought her to seek her purpose, embrace her gift and eventually led her to live her mission of empowering others to live their purpose, mission, vision, truth and beauty. Aligning with their True authentic ‘Wild Selves’.

Her work is fuelled by her love for the earth and all living things.

Malika is experienced in intuitive counseling, shamanic healing, channeling, Theta healing, The Work of Byron Katie, dance meditation, and lots more… she loves learning. At the moment she is becoming a certified Soul Art guide.

She is passionate about alignment, clarity, intuition, awakening, symbols, the language of our soul and treasure maps. She facilitates retreats, workshops and loves creating art and things of beauty. 

The heart of my work is about you knowing your essence, this is the first step needed to have clarity about your mission.

Bring clarity to your questions and create an alignment plan with you, so you can share your light, your lumin-essence with the world. 

Being aligned with our true self is the greatest gift we can give to the whole.

Her vision is that through raising our vibration we can live from the frequency of love (or higher), affecting planetary change and awakening. The wild woman:

“When women reassert their relationship with the wildish nature, they are gifted with a permanent and internal watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, and inspiratrice, and intuitive, a maker, a creator, and inventor, and a listener who guide, suggest, and urge vibrant life in the inner and outer worlds.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estes