Illuminating the path to your treasure

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essence + purpose = mission

This wild home is a place for creative and intuitive beings seeking clarity about their purpose, mission and soul's path.

 I will guide you to connect and align with your unique path.

From confusion to clarity

I am delighted you found me and I am looking forward to see you for a reading or one of my offerings where I will guide you to your next step in evolution on your unique path. Shed light on the patterns that keep you stuck and guide you to shift those to live a more authentic life.

Bring clarity to your questions and create an alignment plan with you, so you can share your light, your lumin-essence with the world. The heart of my work is about you knowing your essence, this is the first step needed to have clarity about your mission.

Seer & treasure guide

Malika always loved finding treasures, as child she sifted for hours trough piles of pebbles finding the ‘glittery’ ones, collected shells and other things of beauty. Later in life she travelled the world, strolled flea markets, beaches and riverbanks looking for more. (she still is…). At a young age trauma created a distance from her intuitive and sensitive nature until a NDE put her back on het path at the age of 32… she did however wonder how her love for treasures and intuition could connect… this has become her mission, finding the treasure you have to share.

The Wild Way Home


Integrity and intuition are our guide to the new paradigm.